Prenatal Health — High-Risk Pregnancy

Some pregnancies are designated as high risk. There are many different reasons for this, including the following:

  • Advanced maternal age (older than 35 years at delivery)
  • Family history of genetic conditions or recurrent miscarriage
  • History of complications during previous pregnancies
  • Prenatal tests that indicate that the fetus has a serious health problem
  • Maternal health conditions such as diabetes
  • Exposures in pregnancy, e.g., to certain medications and infections

Given the broad range of indications, each pregnancy is treated individually. Monitoring may be increased with more frequent visits. Couples may be referred for consultation with a perinatologist. Antepartum (before delivery) testing refers to additional ultrasounds or fetal heart rate monitoring (NST, or nonstress test) done to assess the well-being of your fetus.

With WHC physicians, all deliveries are performed at Abbott Northwestern Hospital; you will have access to the neonatology team at Minneapolis Children's Hospital when their help is appropriate or necessary.