Infertility — Treatment with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Following your infertility evaluation, your physician may recommend treatment involving intrauterine insemination (IUI). Below you will find information on timing, choice of sperm source, and details about the andrology lab that WHC uses.

Timing of IUI

  • Generally, timing is based on the LH surge (ovulation) using an ovulation predictor kit (OPK). Usually the IUI is done the day of the surge and the following day.
  • We recommend testing for the LH surge in the morning before 8 a.m. to facilitate coordination of the IUI.
  • Call 612-333-4822 and follow the prompts to leave a message for a nurse as soon as you detect a surge to arrange the IUI. During the week you will speak to a nurse, and on the weekends the on-call physician will call you back.
  • On weekends and holidays, we encourage checking the ovulation predictor kit prior to 8:00 AM. Please call between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM to speak to the on call physician to arrange a time for the IUI. Please keep in mind that our physicians are often busy taking care of patients in the hospital and will usually need to arrange the IUI when they are able to accommodate it.
  • Please note that we will do our best to accommodate weekend IUIs. However, due to the often busy and unpredictable nature of our business, not all weekend IUIs will be able to be completed.

For IUI using husband / partner sperm

You will need to call the andrology lab at 612-863-4115 to schedule the specimen processing so that it is ready for your IUI appointment. You will bring the specimen to your IUI appointment.

For IUI using donor sperm

  • If you are using the andrology lab specimens, call them when you know your IUI appointment time. They will give you a time to pick up the specimen. You will bring the specimen to your IUI appointment.
  • If you are using another lab, the specimens are usually sent a few days prior to your LH surge. Please be sure to request to have them sent to our Chicago Avenue office, as this is where most of the IUI appointments will be scheduled.

Andrology lab hours

  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m. (last appointment taken 3:15 p.m.).
  • Saturday/Sunday: 7:30 a.m. — 10:30 a.m. (inseminations only).
  • Holidays: Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday.
    Call the andrology laboratory at 612-863-4115 for other holidays.