Obstetrics / Pregnancy — Postpartum Recovery

After delivery at The Mother Baby Center, you will be visited by one of our physicians or nurse practitioners during their daily rounds. Patients frequently are discharged on the second morning after a vaginal delivery, and often the third morning after a cesarean delivery. Lactation support is available both in the hospital and afterward in the outpatient clinic at Abbott. Home health nursing visits can also be arranged.

Routine postpartum care involves a 6-week postdelivery visit at a WHC clinic. For those patients who deliver by cesarean, a 2-week postoperative visit is recommended. The postpartum visit is similar to a routine annual exam. Pap smears are performed as appropriate, and contraception options are reviewed.

For those patients planning an intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception, insertion can be done at the 6-week visit. We ask that you mention this when scheduling the appointment so that adequate time is allowed. It is also important to know your level of insurance coverage for this procedure before the office visit, since this can vary by individual policy.

Acute visits during the postpartum time can be arranged for concerns such as heavy bleeding, breast infection (mastitis), postpartum depression, or anxiety. Our nurses can answer postpartum questions and facilitate evaluations when needed. The on-call physician can address urgent concerns after hours or on weekends.