Gynecologic Surgery — Robotic Surgery

We are proud to provide robotic surgery at Women's Health Consultants. Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive option for managing surgical problems including hysterectomy, fibroid removal (myomectomy), pelvic organ prolapse, and other types of complex or difficult pelvic surgery. Some of the many benefits of robotic surgery include shortened recovery, decreased blood loss, and improved visualization for your surgeon.

Currently, five WHC surgeons are trained in da Vinci Surgery, and four are pictured below from left to right:

    • Elizabeth Kilburg, MD
    • BJ Harris, MD
    • Sarah Mainguy, MD
    • Lynne Gibeau, MD
    • Kelly Casserly, DO (not pictured)

Dr. B. J. Harris of Women's Health Consultants with DaVinci Robot